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J. H. Powell Bring Out Your Dead j h powell bring out your dead

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Is your marriage or relationship on the rocks and you feel helpless and scared? Maybe you know there is a problem and you want to address it before things get worse. Maybe your spouse has already said that they want to end it. This can feel like the bottom has dropped out of your world but it does not have to be the end of your relationship. <br><br>Your marriage can be saved and with this book, you will find out how to bring your marriage back on track. Learn why couple&#39;s therapy is not always the answer, learn how to communicate without fighting and learn how to work together to find your way back to a happy marriage. There are things that you need to do right away to help save your marriage and there are things that you must never do. Time is of the essence so get this book and learn how your marriage can be saved today.