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Viktoria Minya Hedonist : парфюмерная вода 45мл marduk marduk viktoria 180 gr

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The time is Earth Year 2333 AD–a year at the beginning of a horrible new reality for civilization. The location is the city of Chicago, one of the last cities in the United States that remains. But it, too, has suffered great devastation. Death and destruction have been directed on it by the other cities that were caught up in what turned out to be a self-destructive competition to gain preeminence. Most of the people are gone, and the believers that remain in Chicago are thrust into survival mode. Marduk, a vicious leader of the forces loyal to the Leader, sees the remnant as a threat and makes his personal goal to wipe them out. Victor Steinhouse and his friends are all that stand in his way. But who will win this contest of wills? And what will it cost? And will the believers glorify God as they deal with such opposition? Yet the bigger question remains: Is faith all you really need when faith is all you have?

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